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Notice Period Guidelines

Although Webgrid Technology believe that employment with us is a mutually rewarding experience with us, it is understood that varying circumstances do cause employees to voluntarily resign from employment. Should this time come employees are asked to follow the below guidelines:

1. Notice Period:
As per the policy of the company, any employee who resigns will shall have to serve a 60 day notice period to facilitate a smooth transition out of the organisation.

The notice period is non-negotiable and Buy-out option shall not be considered.

2. Leave during notice period:
All the leaves including holiday on Saturday shall be cancelled and incase of sick leave employee needs to submit a medical certificate for the same.

3. Exit Meeting:
The employee will be scheduled for an exit interview to ensure that all the office assets are returned and integrity of the process maintained and to provide an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns related to employment. Employees who fail to return any office property not limited to physical assets will be deemed ineligible for rehire and may be subjected to legal proceeding on behalf of Webgrid Technology.

4. NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement):
Webgrid Technology has several internal and cleint projects whose working is shared with the team on need to know basis. The NDA is signed by each individual at the time of joining by which employees cannot share any information on client, process or anything that may harm the image of Webgrid Technology.

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